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Participating bodies and their members

The members of the board and the board of trustees work together in a trusting and selfless way. Their work for the foundation is based on ethical values. They respect human rights and act benevolently and considerately towards the economic vulnerables and minorities.


Foundation Board

Helmut Hälker

from Schwörstadt

During my professional travels I learned about many injustices in Africa. The foundation gives me the chance to get involved in this and the issue of increasing biodiversity.

Wilfried Hälker

from Kyritz.

I would like to be with enthusiastic and motivated members on board and in the board of trustees, so that we can realize our purpose of foundation together, effectively and sustainably. I am looking forward to our common work.

Board of Trustees

Sebastian Hofer

from Lellichow

Working at the foundation allows me to actively contribute to creating a greener world as we open doors to new opportunities and better living standards for young people in Africa.


Josef Flöhr

from Bad Saarow.

The two major goals of the foundation, on the one hand sustainably operated forestry, the proceeds of which are used to support education and on the other hand environmental protection in developing countries in Africa, deserve recognition and support. For these reasons, I try to get involved as far as possible.


Christoph Nellen

Auch die nachfolgenden Generationen müssen noch in unserer Umwelt leben können. Dies schaffen wir nur gemeinsam.  Mit der Förderung von Bildung in Afrika aus Erträgen eines nachhaltigen Waldkonzeptes hier in Deutschland ist ein guter Weg zu diesem Ziel eingeschlagen.  

Ulrike Hälker

from Schwörstadt.

Trusty and project supporter

I see myself as a small wheel in the machinery oft he Foundation with the hope of set in motion great things for humans, animals and nature.

Dr. Thomas Backensfeld

from Berlin.

The «Forest Creates Future» Foundation convinces and motivates me by its name.

It is an exciting challenge in a globalized world to approach effectively sustainable solutions for example in Africa and to realize corresponding projects


Project manager

Katrin Sutter

from Räfis.

project suporter

I am committed to the education of children in Madagascar. Together with the "Forest Creates Future" Foundation, I want to enable disadvantaged children to have a sustainable education.



Steffi Greuel

from Jüchen.

Project manager

The concept of environmental protection in combination with development cooperation on the African continent convinced me immediately. As a project manager, I want to give something back to a piece of earth and its people and animals and create a better future for them.

Office, administration

Your contact in the office:

Member of board and project manager

Mo and Thu from 13.00 to 17.00 clock


Kerstin Hälker
Tel: +49 33976 70 93 40