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Zambia's export economy is dominated by metallic raw materials such as cobalt and copper. The foreign exchange income from this economic sector amounts to up to 95% of the total income. After the world market prices for raw materials fell, the income only came after expenditure. They were forced to apply for credit. At this point the debt trap, in which the country is still today, snapped shut. Although almost 80% of Zambians have a livelihood in agriculture, this sector only contributes to 20% of gross domestic product (GDP). This is because the food produced is used almost exclusively for their own consumption. Nevertheless, many farmers still have to do paid work. A large part of the population lives on the subsistence level. Failure to harvest brings hardship across the country. In the area of ​​education, the government offers primary schools for the general public. But not all children visit them.

The "Forest creates future" foundation is represented in the north-west and south of the country with its own projects in the field of education. The foundation focuses particularly on improving conditions in selected schools in Zambia.

2023 Chiteve Primary School, Sambia Nordwest – Projektleitung Steffi Greuel

A lot was built

The children of Chiteve Primary School were able to start the new school block in a renovated school building that is equipped with a tight roof, new floor and fresh walls. In addition, the last five of a total of eight new toilet blocks were completed. The renovation was delayed due to a change of principal and heavy rain. This made it difficult to deliver the materials to the remote school because the road was hardly passable. This meant that construction could only begin a few weeks late. We are happy that everything worked out in the end.

2023 Zambia school garden project in the southern province supervision by Kerstin Hälker

a cooperation with the Gossner Mission Berlin

The cooperation with the Gossner Mission is bearing fruit. In August 2023 we had the opportunity to visit some schools that are participating in the school garden project. It was impressive to see the energy and hard work with which these were designed. Despite very different conditions, the majority of functioning school gardens were installed.

The project will run until the middle of next year, but can already be considered a success. Perhaps we will be able to realize further projects of this kind with the Gossner Mission.

2023 Sambia Maamba Special School

Urgent improved conditions were successfully implemented

Conditions for disabled children have been improved at the Maamba Special School.


    A new well with tank and solar pump provides fresh water around the clock

    Classrooms were adapted to individual handicaps and learning conditions were improved

    The plumbing has been repaired

    The living areas have been thoroughly renovated

    New mattresses organized for the children

2023 Every child deserves a chance

Completion of the project at Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School - project manager Helmut Hälker

With the completion of the computer room, an exciting project is coming to an end. We were able to accompany the fortunes of Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School for five years. What could we achieve together?


Fresh water with an elevated tank and around 60 taps as well as a basin for the now   blooming school garden

Purchase of 550 school desks and teaching materials for the school

More security and protection through a kilometer-long fence and lockable gates around the campus

Protection against Corona by educating around 10,000 people and providing hygiene products around the school area

a protected outdoor area with play equipment for preschool children

two large, new toilet blocks and a renovated computer room

More awareness of “teaching”, child protection and quality management and many concrete measures in this regard


The school today has around 2,500 students, good organization, an increased number of teachers and a well-functioning infrastructure. We thank everyone who supported us here. Particularly noteworthy are Johannes van der Weijden from Switzerland for his unwavering willingness to offer practical and professional support, the Schmitz Foundation for their financial commitment, Henrik Löning for his activities for the preschool and the many companions who all contributed to the success of the project have. Thank you all on behalf of our foundation.





2022/23 Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School

New construction of 2 toilet houses are ready

In April 2023, two large toilet buildings for the primary school in Namwala were put into operation. The school's previously usable toilet facilities were far too few. Most children use the rural environment to defecate. Two years ago, teachers and head teachers at the school requested new facilities. Now the wish has come true. About 50% of the project was financed with funds from W.P. Schmitz Foundation in Düsseldorf. WSZ paid the remainder. The Parents and Teachers Committee (PTC) once again proved to be a reliable local partner. This is quite a large investment. The new facilities will offer the students 14 toilets, 4 latrines and 6 washbasins. The buildings are centrally located and the entrances for girls and boys are separate, as are the washing stations.

In order to improve the hygienic conditions, the users and the cleaning staff were trained accordingly after the work was completed. The floors and sanitary facilities are equipped with smooth surfaces, so that they can be easily maintained and there should be no build-up of moisture, mold growth and bacterial foci.

Unfortunately, there was a break in construction due to flooding in the construction area. 19,000 people were affected by this.

2022: Zambia: School garden project in the southern province - in cooperation with the Gossner Mission Berlin

On the occasion of the trip in July 2022, we closed with the Gossner Mission, represented by the chairman Dr. Helmut Kirschstein a cooperation agreement for the joint implementation of a school garden project.

After a successful pilot phase in 4 schools, this joint school garden project will start at 14 educational institutions in July 2022 and is currently planned to last until December 2023.

The aims of this project are to improve the nutritional situation in schools and to provide instruction in organic gardening. In addition, additional income is generated for the schools through the sale of the products. For this purpose, infrastructure measures are taken (water supply, fences, garden tools).

2022 Zambia Northwest – Project leader: Kerstin Hälker


Attended St. Kizito Secondary School

In May 2022 it was finally possible again to travel to Zambia without much fear of corona. So Kerstin Hälker, project manager, and Steffi Greuel, a young dedicated photographer, started together to visit the projects in north-western Zambia.

In Solwezi we contacted the bishop of the Catholic diocese of Solwezi, Charles Kazonde, to discuss joint projects with him. We visited the first of 3 class blocks of the new Kizito Secondary School in Solwezi. FCF will support this school by financing the equipment of the school with 50 desks and chairs each (planned as a single place).

Activities at Lishima Primary School

The main focus of the trip was the visit to the Lishima Primary School in the Manyinga District. We were able to convince ourselves of the following successfully completed projects on site:

   - Construction of a teacher’s residence at the end of 2021

   - New construction of a toilet building with 2 additional latrines in 2022

    - Father Vincent completely hands over the original receipts for the projects carried out.

    - Finally, on July 11, 2022, the well for the school will be drilled. Now the construction of a school garden can be


Attended the sewing school in St. Kalemba

The donations of sewing and handicraft utensils that had already been collected in 2019 could finally be handed over to the head of the sewing school. Discarded buttons (6 kilograms!), threads, fabrics, zippers, needles, ... - a suitcase weighing 22 kg was happily taken over by Lilian, Banji and Brian.

All of the donated wool went to Glückskäferlein e.V. Kyritz and arrived at the Lishima School in the form of knitted hats. Thanks to all Lellichow donors!

2022: Sinazongwe District, South. Zambia – Project Manager Kerstin Hälker

Mooya Silweeno, pastor of the Diocese of Monze in Choma, was the contact person for the continuation of the measures in the Simoonga Primary Community School this year. Unfortunately, there were no plans that could be included in the foundation's budget. Establishing a self-help group of women in Siameja who want to learn sewing could be an interesting step in supporting women in the Choma region.

2021 Expansion of the preschool area at the Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School Project management Henrik Löning

New play equipment and a protected interior space for the preschool children

For the children from the preschool area at the Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School there were no separate rooms and places where they could stay and be taught. In cooperation with the preschool teachers, the headmistress Mecelinah and the Parents Teacher Committee (PTC), the Preschool Project was developed and implemented in spring this year. Construction and planning were carried out by a local craft business.

The repair of a no longer usable building was the first step towards a functioning infrastructure. Then it was possible to separate an area of the school grounds for the preschool and to bring it to life with swings, seesaws, slides and climbing opportunities. In late spring we were finally able to hand over the grounds and the associated opportunities for development to the children.

Lishima Community School 2021

Further expansion - projekt manager Kerstin Hälker

The teaching materials, chalkboards and school desks ordered in 2020 were delivered in February and are being used immediately

Unfortunately, there was no meeting with the school and in front of all the local helpers this year, as the current Corona situation did not allow this.

Actually, new toilets should be built in 2021, as the school only has a single latrine (2 places) available for them. Heavy rain in the spring of 2021 ruined these plans: the teacher's home was so damaged that it became uninhabitable. The teacher therefore had to move into one of the two classrooms. This means that now 120 children are taught in just one classroom or outdoors. Therefore the board of the foundation decided to take over the material costs for the construction of a house for the teacher instead of the toilets. The construction work is carried out by the municipality itself. In the meantime (the procurement was very tedious due to the corona), the majority of the materials for building the house have been delivered and construction of the house can begin shortly.

Sinazongwe District 2021

beginning activities in Sinazongwe district, south of Zambia

Together with Mooya Silweeno, a pastor of the Diocese Monze in Choma, a first project was developed and carried out for the remote Simoonga Primary Community School.

The condition of the school, in which 270 children are educated, is catastrophic. There are partly open buildings made of pressed stones, there are no school desks, blackboards or teaching materials. Unfortunately, a personal inspection could not take place in 2021, so that the purchase of 55 school desks, 4 teachers' desks and 4 blackboards was decided as an emergency aid.

Due to the smooth cooperation with Mooya, we started another project in 2021: the school is planning to set up a school garden from which the students could get a small school breakfast in the future. Unfortunately, there was not enough water to irrigate the garden areas. So we provided the financial means for the construction of a well with a hand pump on the school premises.

2020 Support of the Lishima Primary School in the north-west Project management Kerstin Hälker

At the beginning of the year, textbooks for 7 grades were ordered for this small school in the middle of the bushland and, thanks to the active support of Father Vincent, a minister from the St. Kalemba Mission, handed over to the school. So that the total of 690 school books can be properly stored in the teachers' room, 2 large bookshelves were bought from the carpenter on site. The joy in school was great, but a bit clouded, as not all children were allowed to go to school due to Corona.

Unfortunately, further measures at this school could not be discussed on site in spring 2020, as the trip had to be canceled due to the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, active support continues via email or WhatsApp: more school desks will be bought this year (with the 10 school desks delivered in 2019, 35 pieces are still missing), the blackboards are to be renewed and there are still missing teaching materials (atlases , math sets, story books etc.) have now been ordered.


2020 Construction of a security fence around the Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School project manager Helmut Hälker

A project that is 75% funded by the Schmitz Foundation and is implemented in close cooperation with a partner organization in Zambia


The school, which is tormented by vandalism, theft and attacks, is to be better protected in the future so that children and teachers can develop and carry out their activities fearlessly and freely. For this purpose, a 1,600 m long fence will be erected around the campus and will be monitored by security guards around the clock. Two secured gates are the only entrances to the campus. From the idea to the completion of this measure, the Parents and Teacher Commettee (PTC) was / is our decisive partner on site. With him, the first analyzes took place but also the complete planning and implementation of the project. The second partner for this project is the Schmitz foundation in Düsseledorf Germany The foundation actively participated in both the project procedure and the financing (10,000 Euros) and with advice and action at all times. This creates important prerequisites for future investments.

Medium to long-term approach:

For the Lubanga Shabongwe Primary School, not only investments in the infrastructure but above all a joint offensive in the desired improvement of teaching are planned. A pedagogical concept to be drawn up on site with experienced specialists from the education sector should be consistently pursued and implemented.

2020 New table frames and benches for the Lubanga Shabongwe Basic School - project manager Helmut Hälker

350 old frames were repaired and 200 new ones were bought for a total of 1,100 students

 Due to vandalism and theft, half of all students have been sitting on the concrete floor during class for years. In a campaign with a local craft business, 350 old frames were repaired and re-covered with high-quality wood. In addition, the decision was made to buy 200 new table-bench combinations. This means that in future all children will have a seat and can concentrate better on class.


2020 health education and preventive measures against the Covid 19 pandemic in Namwala project manager Helmut Hälker

The concerted action consisted of educating the population, protective measures for the Lubanga Shabongwe Basic School by our foundation and the establishment of an isolation station for the local hospital by the Friends of the Secondary School Associatio

Covid 19 is a great danger for African states. The very threatening economic situation in some countries makes it difficult for governments to face the threats of a pandemic.

We, from forest creates future, have made many friends here in Namwala (Zambia) and support a school with 2,100 children. We can't possibly leave these people alone now. That's why we started an action on April 20, 2020, coordinated with the Friends of the Secondary School Namwala.

It all started with a plan to educate the population of Namwala community. With the help of two teams, consultants and an employee of the hospital, as well as a representative of the government Dr. Munakasaka Chikuba. became the population i.e. 1,600 households visited, provided with auxiliary materials such as soap and masks, informed and instructed.

Maintaining a social distance from each other and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water were probably the most important measures that the entire population adopted.

The Lubanga Primary School received 25 new taps and 25 mobile washing stations, disinfectants, protective masks, a professional clinical thermometer and clear instructions for behavior in the school. Daily hand washing of the children when entering and leaving the school premises, social distance, registration in the event of corona symptoms, lessons in the open air and protection of teachers are just some of the measures in the school.

The establishment of an isolation ward for the Friends of the Secondary School together with the Namwala Hospital were a welcome addition and show us that it is worthwhile to work closely with other organizations, especially in times of crisis.


2019 School projects in northwest Zambia Project Manager Kerstin Hälker

The Lishima Community School is located in sparsely populated scrubland about 15 km from the small town of Manyinga.

The two primary school teachers teach about 120 children in 2 classrooms under insufficient conditions. The few teaching aids and school desks are far from sufficient. Every day, the children run barefoot up to 10 km each morning and evening to reach their school.

With an immediate measure, we were able to alleviate part of the need by purchasing 10 new school desks.

Together with the village community, the parents and the teachers, further measures such as equipping additional school desks, purchasing school materials, improving hygienic conditions and necessary building repairs will be discussed, planned and implemented at the beginning of 2020.

Here is the old school building of the Lishima School. With a roof renovation, masonry repairs and the installation of a floor, the urgently needed 3rd class of the school could be accommodated here with little effort.

The board of the “Forest creates future” foundation has decided to support small, widely spaced village schools in this part of Zambia, so that children in remote areas can also receive schooling.


2019 Sambia Project Manager Helmut Hälker

A fountain for the Lubanga Shabongwe Basic School in Namwala Zambia

A Collaboration with the Swiss Association for the Promotion of the Namwala Secondary School Zambia and the Board Member Johannes van der Weijden enabled the foundation "Forest Creates the Future" to realize the Projekt quickly and pragmatically. Next to the Lubanga Shabongwe Prymary School a deep well of 55 m with elevated tank and water distribution was built. The 2,150 pupils benefit from this.

Joy of the students in Namwala Zambia

The new well not only supplies drinking water, but also water for the vegetable garden and the sanitary facilities.

Construction works at the Lumbanga Prymary School

It only took two months for the team of Joseph Chipindi and Brian Chilala to build the borehole, erect the tower and realize the water distribution.

Special moments

1. When the water came

2. The joy of the head teacher

3. The hand-over ceremony