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idea of foundation

The goals of the foundation are divided into two fields. On the one hand, it is about improving the educational situation in the Global South, enforcing the human right to education and increasing people's chances of a self-determined life through good education and training. The projects launched or funded by the foundation, especially in southern Africa, should be implemented from the perspective of sustainability and help for self-help, with suitable local partners, regardless of political or religious worldview, origin and gender.

No less important is the promotion of environmental protection. We are resolutely opposed to global warming, species extinction and environmental pollution. In the Brandenburg Foundation Forest, this goal is to be achieved by converting the prevailing pine monocultures into near-natural, richly structured mixed forests. But also in the project area of ​​Baden-Württemberg, the focus of the foundation is on promoting insect diversity, wild bee protection and securing habitats for flora and fauna.

The foundation acts through its board and its project managers. It is advised by a Board of Trustees (supervisory body). The members of the board of trustees are elected for 2 years and elect the board of directors every 3 years.

history of faundation

  • 2018 Establishment of the "Forest creates future" foundation with the participation of family members Wilfried, Kerstin, Uli, and Helmut Hälker. The endowment capital, as well as the forest and arable land, were brought in by the donor Wilfried Hälker. Wilfried and Helmut Hälker jointly took over the management board.
  • 2019 First projects in Zambia, DR Congo and Madagascar. The foundation was recognized as a non-profit organization.
  • 2020 Donation of 91.2 hectares of forest by Kerstin Hälker, wife of Wilfried Hälker. The Hälker couple, who live in Kyritz, thus became the founding couple and significantly secured the purposes and financial basis of the "Forest creates future" foundation. At the same time, the board of directors decides on a cost-intensive and consistent conversion of the foundation forest into a near-natural and species-rich forest area.
  • 2021 Kerstin Hälker joins the board of the foundation. On the one hand, the Executive Board decides to concentrate its commitment in Africa on the countries of Zambia, DR Congo and Madagascar in the medium term. On the other hand, a smaller nature conservation project to increase biodiversity in Baden-Württemberg is to be launched.
  • 2022 After an initial orientation phase, the foundation is consolidated with projects that are clearly focused on sustainability.
  • 2023 The first projects are completed and permanent partnerships with non-profit organizations are increasingly being announced, which WsZ will put at the forefront of its activities in the future.

«Forest Creates Future»

Foundation for development cooperation and environmental protection

The Forest Creates Future Foundation, Lellichower Allee, 16866 Kyritz is due to the promotion of development cooperation and the promotion of environmental protection according to the last attachment to the corporate tax notice from the Kyritz tax office, Tax No. 052/141/09095 of Aug. 8th, 2023  for the assessment periods 2020 and 2022 exempted from corporate income tax in accordance with Section 5 (1) No. 9 of the Corporate Income Tax Act and from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act. The Foundation is entitled to issue donation receipts for donations and donations that are received for the fulfillment of the statutory purposes.

For donations of up to 300.00 euros, we will be happy to send you a simplified donation receipt, which will be accepted as proof of donation in conjunction with your deposit slip or account statement.

A solid foundation

A solid foundation New text: The foundation's capital consists of the largely rounded forest and agricultural areas. The foundation owns 381 hectares of forest and 107 hectares of arable and grassland. The Foundation's real estate consists of 3 private hunts.