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The idea of the foundation

The love for nature has accompanied me all my life. The forest has always occupied a special space. To experience the awakening of the bird world early in the morning, to roam through the forest and to immerse yourself in a pristine, natural world is a special gift. Forest is life and forest creates life. I never dreamed that I would one day acquire ownership of a forest enterprise in the Brandenburg region. I am very grateful for that.

The decision to use this forest enterprise for future-oriented foundation work was no accident. Life has brought me many good things. I was able to get to know the African continent better on many trips with my wife. Again and again we encountered human suffering and poverty here. No wonder, when you consider that large parts of the African continent, beginning with the colonization, were arbitrarily divided and exploited and are still being exploited today set. In this context, improving people's education and training is of particular importance. The foundation's work should focus on this area.

The forest brought into the foundation creates many bases for this. It is a valuable habitat for many animal and plant species. It offers us humans rest and relaxation. He is climate protector, air filter, water and oxygen storage. The income generated from sustainably operated forest management is used directly for foundation purposes.

The Foundation "Forest Creates Future" exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes. The promotion of development cooperation is in the foreground. The purpose of the foundation in particular is achieved by developing and financing primarily smaller projects in  developing countries. Professionally suitable organizations help people to help themselves or co-finance already existing projects. In addition to the mentioned area of ​​education, aspects of medical care, hygiene, access to water and healthy, self-produced food should also play a role. Also in focus for the Foundation's interests is the promotion of environmental protection. This means effective actions to the adaptation of the climate change, for example research and use of appropriate seed and seedlings to safeguard human nutrition. Another purpose is to manage waste prevention and the recycling of waste and recyclables that pollute the environment.

I wish all participants the foundations, the donors, the beneficiaries and all interested persons a trusting relationship and effective foundation work.

Wilfried Hälker

«Forest Creates Future»

Foundation for development cooperation and environmental protection

The Forest Creates Future Foundation, Lellichower Allee, 16866 Kyritz is due to the promotion of development cooperation and the promotion of environmental protection according to the last attachment to the corporate tax notice from the Kyritz tax office, Tax No. 052/141/09095 of July 22nd, 2020 for the assessment periods 2018 and 2019 exempted from corporate income tax in accordance with Section 5 (1) No. 9 of the Corporate Income Tax Act and from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act. The Foundation is entitled to issue donation receipts for donations and donations that are received for the fulfillment of the statutory purposes.

For donations of up to 300.00 euros, we will be happy to send you a simplified donation receipt, which will be accepted as proof of donation in conjunction with your deposit slip or account statement.

A solid foundation

The foundation's capital consists of the largely rounded-off forest and agricultural areas. The foundation capital was significantly increased through acquisitions of arable land (5.8 hectares) and a donation from the founder's wife (91.2 hectares of forest) in 2020. The foundation is now the owner of 282.2 hectares of forest and 64.9 hectares of arable and grassland. The foundation's property is a private hunt.